Safety and efficiency are constant priorities for our company. Therefore we developed a system which optimises the operation for your vehicles no matter which type of vehicle and industrial or civil application. We setup a system specifically adopted to your needs having full control over your entire fleet.




FleetOpt – an STE product: by combining GPS-tracking with Geo-Fencing and an intelligent engine control

Automatic speed limitation for vehicles in predefined areas

Restrict engine loads

Monitor gas concentration in predefined areas

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FleetOpt is a set of virtual areas for real world geographic boundaries or “virtual fences” that are individually defined to determine where and how your vehicles are driven – set parameters such as speed limits, exhaust limitations, engines parameters. Working via a pre-defined satellite position trigger boundaries, FleetOpt is designed specifically to improve driver and workplace safety, keep the condition of the vehicle and to delineate predefined vehicle driving conditions; meaning you have absolute control over your vehicle or machine and its operating environment.